Big problem with city maps, continents, and harbors.


    From Zenith to broken hills costs 1302... the flat 1k + extra for my inventory.
    But from Zenith to Northguard costs 1000... just the flat 1k for crossing continents.
    The same is true for the reverse.
    Why is this?
    Well it appears that the game does not have a map for Aerhen and its city nodes, it uses Myr city nodes !
    The game thinks that Northguard -is- Zenith and is not charging me anything to go there, other than the 1k to cross continents.
    Pic: c8e59e11-35e0-427e-854f-a00ad2aca408-image.png

    That is clearly a Map of Myr, not Aerhen.
    Since this is the case if you want cheep fare to or from Aerhen just figure out which is the mirror town and you can transport as much as you want at no cost.
    This is a big loophole and has probably been quietly exploited for some time.

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