Hey everyone going on my 4th week in game soon ^.^

  • Hey everyone I forgot to introduce myself when I first joined. I usually go by Delphonse but in game I am currently Delarose. I am trying to make a town with my guild member and am having a lot of fun learning this game so far. I feel like I have most of it down since in the 3+ weeks I have played I believe I have already added about 200+ hours into the game. This game definitely scratches some itches I've been having for MMOs and i can't wait to see what else comes in the future.

    I love meeting new people so if you see this drop a hello and lets chat about the game and other stuff ^.^

  • all the love! Welcome!

  • @Tifyu Hey there again ^.^ how long have you been playing and are you enjoying the game so far?

  • Hello,

    I'm happy to see that you seem enthusiastic about the game and want to share your good mood with others.

    That's why a greeting from me, I hope you will enjoy your further time with the game and us.

  • @LordSkykal Oh I will. this game when I first saw it on facebook I was like meh lets check it out then I read what all you are trying to do with it and I was like o.o my almost 10 year mmo dry spell might finally be gone and well this is the longest in almost a decade that I have stayed interested and addicted to a game lol good job honestly huge kudos from me ^.^

  • Been playing since the free week. Love the game. It has lost a bit of its initial WOW factor but its still a fun game, especially when going out as a group or just having people to talk to while hunting or gathering.

  • @Tifyu nice we joined at free weekend as well so maybeit only has been 2 weeks o.o or 3 idk time is weird lol but yea playing with guild members have been fun. if you need a group let me know ^.^

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