Temperature & Weather Radar for the World Map


    Hi, this isn't going to be too lengthy of a suggestion since it's rather simple.

    Now that temperature has been added and weather shortly alongside it, I believe it would be useful for us to have a new feature (toggle) for the map that allows us to see animated cloud formations in addition to their current state and what they are doing all in real-time similarly to looking at live weather radar set to 'satellite'.

    This would all be for tracking natural weather phenomenon that has a cloud as its source, but I suppose it could track weather phenomenon such as the aforementioned firestorms, meteor storms, and the other potentially worldly or unnatural phenomenon that does not come from a cloud formation.


    A much finer example would be the way Black Desert implemented it as shown below.

    These cloud formations show animated rain and lightning with darkness and intensity that depends on the cloud they're coming from in real-time.

    alt text

    Regarding firestorms and temperature, another real-time feature for the world map—yes, a button that can be toggled—that shows the temperature of various regions of the continents in the form of a 'heatmap' befitting of Fractured's aesthetics would be really useful as well to let us know what to expect of those regions, the entirety of those continents, and how they change depending on the time which should be on the world map as well as a little sun and moon widget.

    Personally, I'm not too keen on the heatmap suggestion because I'm not certain if the temperatures of the continents fluctuate wildly enough to warrant such a feature or if that would be too much given information in comparison to the widget above the mini-map, but I suppose that could change as the tests continue onwards towards release and when all three planets are present. Seasons could become a thing, temperature could be tweaked, weather could become more drastic and unpredictable, et cetera, et cetera.

    That's all I wanted to share. Thanks for the read—if you did.

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