Longbows need fixing

  • So I noticed today that longbows don't have the channeling ability which prevents using arrow abilities like fire or acid arrows which makes no sense what so ever. Even if this is intended it makes no sense. Longbows don't have enough of a damage difference over shortbows to justify the loss of what are pretty much a required archer skill set.

    And on an off note acid arrows need to go back to actually dealing real damage. Watching it's dot damage go from 100+ per tick to 1-10 is just insultingly bad for how much of a pain it was to get the skill.

  • Moderator

    Acid arrows are currently bugged, I already reported it.

    They inflict only 3 corrosion stacks instead of 10.

    The problem of the longbow is also in the strike wound bug. Strike wound for some reason works on bows only if you also use some kind of elemental arrow. If strike wound worked correctly, the long bow would be fine.

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