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    Hi guys, I am sure by now, most of the players have heard about the current city Bussy destroying the city La Ruche. Congratulations to Bussy for being the first city to successfully destroy another city. When a super strong elite top guild led by super strong leader with the backing of many elite guild members, I am definitely sure that when Bussy attacks a lesser city, there will be a 99% chance that the lesser city will be completely destroyed.

    Now, what is going to happen when the cycle continues, after La Ruche is destroyed, Bussy will aim for the next target probably city Dragonspire. When Bussy destroys Dragonspire, they will aim for the next city and this will go on and on until all the cities on the server is owned by Bussy.

    I think in order to prolong the longevity of the game, I would like to suggest some ways in which City vs City battles can be improved.

    1st Suggestion: Attrition Based System.

    The current system is that when the attacker attacks the defender city, the defender will be completely destroyed in a single battle. How the system can be improved is that the attacker will need to win multiple battles in order to completely destroy the defender city.

    Example is that when the attacker win the 1st battle, the attacker cannot destroy any buildings in the defender city. Instead the attacker will get a prize of 10000 gold from the system. The defender city has x number days before the next siege to pay upkeep of 10000 gold. If the defender city default on the payment, then on the 2nd battle, the attacker will have the right to completely destroy all the buildings in the defender city if they win the 2nd battle.

    Let’s say if the defender city decides to pay the upkeep of 10000 gold before the next siege. The attacker launch the next siege and win the 2nd battle. The attacker cannot destroy all the buildings, but they will win the prize and the prize will snowball to 20000 gold. Then the defender city can choose to decide if they will to pay the upkeep of 20000 gold.

    The upkeep will continue to snowball to 30000, 40000, 50000, etc, etc, and get bigger every time the attacker keep winning the battles for every siege. If the defender city keep losing the siege battles every time, it will reach a point when the defender city is unable to afford the upkeep and hence they will definitely be destroyed by the attacker city.

    2nd Suggestion: Allow Defender City to accept participants from other allied cities during Siege Battles

    We all know how strong elite pvp players are and how a big group of them will keep farming non-stop and getting stronger non-stop to a point where they will be able to win every battle against the lesser players.

    We have to be realistic and face up to the reality that the Bussy is indeed a top strong guild and when you have a top strong guild coming down on a pure pve Defender City, there will be a 99% chance that the Defender City will lose every fight until the city gets destroyed.

    Hence the only way to balance the game is to allow Defender City to accept strong players from other cities to participate in the defense during the Siege battle.

    These are just some suggestions from me. Even if they are implemented, I am pretty sure that eventually Bussy will still dominate and control the entire continent. This is just to delay the inevitable future that the server will just be controlled by a single guild.

    When that time comes, the developers might have to make a decision and do a poll from all the players to decide whether there should be a server wipe to reset the entire map so that everybody can have fun building and destroying all over again. Of course I hope the developer will only wipe the continent but allow all players to keep their hard earned Knowledge Points and Recipes.

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    As far as I know, you can already accept defenders from anywhere.

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