Farming - Bean Yields

  • Anyone have typical Bean yield on harvests?
    Looking to do a comparison.
    We have seen 32 - 39 on plots of various fertility with avg irrigation of 92%.
    This seems low for a 48hr grow period when compared to Wheat 160-188 (vs rice 36-48 yield) w/ same irrigation levels.

    Wheat yields in the field are usually low IRL. Higher Density of planting leads to higher yield, but more soil nutrient erosion.
    While beans are typically more stable and higher yielding [Also avg variety dependent].
    Bean grow pattern density has the opposite effect of wheat with high density planting.
    [IE: beans give less yield & lower soil nutrient erosion.]

    I am curious why this change in game?

  • Beans are 36hr not 48. I listed 48 by accident had wheat on my mind.... sorry for the confusion.
    Could not edit original post to make that change.

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