Forum Draconum, Trading Guild


    Forum Draconum is primarily a manufacturing/trading guild. We’d like to eventually dominate the trade of Elysium, let it be Syndesia, Arboreus or even Tartarus! We are looking for players with similar interests, but any additional ideas will be considered!

    What we’ll be looking for in you:

    • don’t be jerk
    • don’t be a karen
    • be comfortable with yourself, if you aren’t you’ll burn here
    • bring cookies.

    What we’ll offer:

    • an opportunity to rise above and beyond in game
    • a literal place to call home, probably in the form of a city in game
    • a place for you to do whatever the hell you want in game,
      as long as you also do your duty.


    • resource gathering
    • crafting items
    • building infrastructure
    • trading/selling/caravaning

    If you’re interested, join our Discord here:


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