Alpha weekend bug report

  • --aforementioned Assassinate,Rend,Blind is messed up due to auto attack
    stacking the characters. To blind you got to step away out of the fight and
    try again a few feet apart. Doesnt feel good as in gameplay.
    --My Map is broken, I see only mob spawns and city symbols in front of an
    empty background. Am I the only one?
    --Hotspots marked as discovered appear as undiscovered after a while.
    --At the end of the event my client crashed as the big brown golem explodes dieded animation.
    --The DDos was noticeable but still playable in SEA, 250-350ms. It was a lot
    better the day before the stress test. I had around 10 x connection loss error.
    --Some mobs sometimes dont move.
    --The Bosses at Bandit camp west get stuck inside walls.
    --There is a small stone floating in the air that respawns right after picking it up. pm me for coordinates


    There was lots of 'mobs inside of rocks and under the floor also in the heartwoods ruins"

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