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  • Suggestion 1: Don't spam email your distribution lists informing people to play this game when it's not even released yet (NOT EVEN IN BETA!!!). Wonder which genius executive came up with that one.... Let me be clear, if the email clearly stated that this was for an alpha test that will require you to pull out your wallet at least I would know what I am getting into. How it is currently portrayed is not accurate whatsoever.

    Suggestion 2: Don't require your alpha testers to pay ~$50 USD to test your alpha. I mean come on, seriously? Not sure what needs to be explained here. Expecting people to pay $50+ just so they can alpha test a game is beyond ludicrous (HINT: Alpha/Beta testers are doing YOU a favor. Not the other way around). Dropping it down to ~$30 USD once it's in beta is just as pathetic. I am well aware companies have to make money to exist. This game is already heavily monetized in every way possible. An initial purchase, optional monthly subscription, and paid currency to top it all off.

    Suggestion 3: Putting all this aside... at the bare minimum you should probably have a client that actually works. I downloaded the install exe off of the website, let it run, opened up the client and boom "ERROR" in big red letters with no indication on what the problem might actually be. And no, it's not my computer or internet connection.

    All-in-all the game concept looked pretty intriguing and full of potential which is why I hit "play now" on the email in the first place. I was then quickly disappointed when I found out what the email really was: an ad for a paid alpha test on an already heavily monetized MMO whose client won't even let you open the game. Such a shame.

  • Moderator

    There is nothing wrong with the launcher, there simply is no server up at the moment.

    During the alpha testing, the game runs for a set time and is then wiped and taken down for further development.
    Last test has run from mid September to mid October.

    If that isn't what you got your package for and wanted to play the game immediately, remember that you can have it refunded within 14 days.

  • Any Idea when the next testing time line will be? While I was excited about the idea of checking out the Alpha I can still be excited about the next one.

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    We are now leaving the era of spot tests and are going into persistent servers.

    From Q1 2022 the servers will be up 24/7, but we don't know the exact date.

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    @spoletta Do keep in mind this is subject to change though. Until they've officially announced a persistent test, it's always possible they'll do another time-limited test if the devs believe it's necessary.

    EDIT: It's confirmed on the store page.

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    It's what is currently stated in the store page.

  • Community Manager

    @spoletta Oh I knew Prom had updated it but I didn't realise it mentioned the 24/7 uptime. Consider it confirmed then. 😄

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