• Anyone found and interesting builds that they tried?
    What class/skills etc did you like so far?

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    I went with a luck based mage/dexer.

    I wanted to try something different from my usual archer, and I've got to say that it was a fun build that worked very well.

    My default setup was:
    Sea troll leather armor and Yew Quarterstaff, Rabbit Paw amulet
    Warcry, Strike wounds, Crippling strike, Acid Breath, Verdant Regrowth, Assassinate, Wildfire Totem

    The damage between acid breath and strike wounds was good, and it is deceptively hard to take down.
    Average evasion, with block chance and stun chance makes for a lot of chances. Luck improved on all of those. It is a char made to roll a lot and be lucky at it. In the end it was quite hard to deliver damage to it.
    Also, since my stats were 10 15 15 15 10 15, I had no low save rolls. At least 300 in each... enhanced by luck.

    Since it didn't wear any metal at all, it was really easy to maintain my equipment.

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