Auto attack bug with certian skill/suggestion on magic combat improvement


    Hello been playing several hours and found a bug. When you have the flame resist aura active and are using a magic staff your character will randomly shoot in a different direction, move, or do nothing sometimes. This only happens when right clicking while the aura is active with a magic staff.

    A suggestion to make combat more fluid for mages is allow the skill to take precedent over the auto attack on a magic staff. I.E If I'm holding right click at distance then fire a skill, the skill fired should take precedent over the auto attack even if im holding right click. As it stands if you dont do it right you will have animations play and nothing comes out.

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    Yes, the animation playing without any actual effect is a real issue.
    I think that it happens when you cast the spell while still in the wind out part of the attack swing animation.

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