Ningen Merchants (Human Guild)


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    We are the Ningen Merchants. A hardworking English speaking team of human beings who strives to construct and maintain a thriving economy within the galaxies. No matter the situation, we tend to look past that in hope to secure a business partnership with our guild. This is not to say that we support evil alignment, but rather we support any kind of good alignment (lawful, neutral or chaotic). With that being said, we are also a chill guild meaning at the proper moments we are free to lay back, grab ourselves a cold or warm beverage (whichever you prefer), and chill (doesn't have to be together as a guild, may be done individually, or groups, whichever you prefer).

    All we ask for is respect one another, try to be more (not necessarily completely) open minded, and must be able to speak English, also due to the way how guilds work right now you have to be Human in order to join. However, we are still interested in forming alliances with other races as long as they are in some kind of good alignment. Whether it be lawful, neutral, or chaotic good alignment.

    The word Ningen comes from the Romanization or Rōmaji of the Japanese word for humans.

    Feel free to join us through discord in the link below in order to stay connected with the guild and game!

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