Handcart item dupe

  • If you use a handcart and then bump into another handcart your character will drop the one they're holding and another one will appear near it with the same resources inside. I am currently in one of the starting towns with 7-8 handcarts all with duped resources inside.https://i.gyazo.com/33c86589c33067a7b9f902534debbbed.mp4


    Wow !
    I am amazed that this was not reported earlier but am sure it was still a thing then.
    As a resource farmer I feel this needs to be checked out and fixed else the efforts of farmers and miners will be redundant.
    Good Catch.

  • @OlivePit Thanks! I am very new to this game and I found it completely on accident. It does look like someone else had possibly found it before me but I was kind of shocked to see it wasn't posted here.

  • I've noticed that I can't reproduce the bug if I use 2 carts of my own. All the carts there were someone else's and it allowed me to pick them up and use them. I've noticed that not all carts let me do that but some do.

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