Whimsical Marketers - PvE/Craft/Gather/Trade/RP(optional)


    Tag: WMCG

    Race: Beastman

    As Whimsical Marketers - Trade,Crafts and Gathers, we want to be a PvE, optional RP guild. We hope to gather players who enjoy gathering, crafting and PvE, Beastmen to join us in Arboreus.
    We wish friendly, mature, like minded individuals to join together as a group. Crafters and gatherers who wish to travel, go in adventures, place a bright immersive corner in the world that shall work as a trading village possibly near the coast.

  • Hello fellow future Beastmen and women! 😺

    I would really like to join your guild. I just started playing and really want to focus on PVE with NO PVP. I love to craft and gather and role play. (D&D geek here 😊 ) I am in the Northeast of the US, so I hope you all are in close time zones. Please let me know when you are all online so we can meet up an get to know each other. I like to have a guild of people who like to interact and become friends as we explore this game as it progresses.

    Thanks so much,

    JenaJinx 😹 ☮


    Hi @Blueberryamora & welcome to the Fractured world 🙋‍♂️
    You'll want to look up @Kralith and her New Order folks who are very simpatico w your goals and preferences.


    Hi! Are you still around for fall alpha? This is pretty much what I'm looking for.

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