~ Bugs and potential improvements

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I've been playing for several hours recently and noticed some bugs and potential places where some improvement would probably be worthwhile. I would like to share with you my subjective opinion and other insights from the game.


    • Happened a few times. Mob had a full life and I killed it and then I get a message: You have no rights to loot.
    • It often happens that e.g. deer, deer do not run away but stand still. Also happens to less friendly mobs, which then don't attack at all when I attacked them.
    • I was completely submerged in water in a river while on horseback.
    • Grass grows in the house from under the ground through the parquet floor.
    • During the party, it's common for participants' dots to be frozen on the minimap. This is not the true position. They are usually further away from the spots.
    • It is common to not be able to get on a horse for some reason. You have to log out.
    • While doing respec (in game), I noticed that while it shows 8% critical chance. After respec the critical chance is 7%.
    • E.g. bone arrows show light armor while using medium.
    • Mage armor works indefinitely. I only lose 5 mana, per mob hit, and can use this spell all the time. But this shouldn't work like this I suppose.
    • You can't split things in the bank. You have to do it in your inventory.

    Potential improvements:

    • While visiting and entering goblin huts, I was unable to see what was inside. It would be worthwhile to show the inside.
    • It is very hard to pick up anything from the ground if several mobs are killed very close together.
    • I think it would be worth adding a combat loot option in the UI. It rarely but annoyingly happened to me when attacking a monster you pick up something from the ground or loot some body.
    • Missing sounds in the game e.g. chopping wood.
    • It is very difficult to pass through the main palisade gate.
    • Lack of many descriptions in the interface, icons or after moving the cursor on various elements and objects in the game. Adding these descriptions would greatly improve usability for new players and in general. Likewise, I am not able to see what the stats and resource information are for example if I want to build something. Only this information is there after the object is placed.
    • I would add in the preview of guild players, 2 additional options, who is online and who is not. So that it would be easy to view e.g. if my friend is logged in. Scrolling by 100 people is cumbersome.
    • Improve performance. There are too many unoptimized animations and other calculations that generate very high fps drop.
    • There is no way to check what are the effects and various other imposed statuses on opponents. I am able to recognize for example poison, but mage armor, or some other.
    • I think the map should always center itself relative to the player's position when the map button is pressed. Likewise, zooming in and out of the map with the mouse shouldn't move the map up, it should zoom in or out. Sometimes it's hard to find where you are on the map.

    I think, that's it for now. As I remember more things I'll add more findings in this topic.


    Nice work 😉

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