unlimited gathering?

  • Greetings everyone,
    I have searched the previous post's of the last couple of weeks and i didnt see this bug anywhere.
    So the bug is that there are sometimes random "broken" bushes like for instance a tomato plant that you can't harvest (you get the "collect audio" and the animation starts and stops right away).
    I have found a way to harvest it by moving back and forth a couple of tiles untill i could hit a certain angle that would let me start the harvest.
    The thing is, after the harvest bar on the top of the screen is full, i get my items and it starts over again, this time not giving me any items when completed, also the bush doesn't despawn!
    i have harvested 40 tomato from a single bush so far.


    Yea, this is a known thing.
    It has to do with overlapping zones or spawns.
    You can find lots of this near and around the roped off residential plots.
    Mostly it is just a minor annoyance and people shrug and move on to another bush.

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