servers down?

  • i just bought the game just loads and goes back to character screen.

    let me know..

    friends say game is a big scam and has been in development for years.

  • Community Manager

    The login server is down. I've notified the devs about it but I don't have an ETA for when it will be fixed.


    Hi rgarrett,

    1. I cant login too. The game seems to have some sort of login issues today. I played yesterday and hope to play tomorrow again.
    2. I bought the alpha key like two weeks ago. My first impression is that the game has still many things to implement and to improve but its definetly not a cashgrab or scam. The devs seem to care and work hard. I dont think i made a mistake by letting my money here.
    3. You have bought an access to the alpha - an early development test phase. That phase will last for some weeks from now and then it will be paused till the next alpha phase, so dont expect continuous access.

  • dope that sounds cool
    thanks for not yelling at me for not punctuating or searching

    cant wait to play game looks cool
    ive played LOA and ultima online for years i hope for a new type of drug i can abuse all day long

    cant wait to try it out with some friends

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