In the name of GODS, FIX the "already logged in the world" bug please!


    Greetings, dear developers of Fractured MMORPG. The game by now is pretty enticing, it creates the feeling of unknown and in a party it can be a real fun, but bugs like these, when I can't even log in during the 1 hour, are just the top of frustration.

    Please, fix this bug and let the player with ID 3968 log in the game!

  • Community Manager

    @AliEf I've freed your character. 😉


    @Specter , thank you! The character with aforementioned ID finally was able to log in.
    Also big thanks to @Prometheus , who helped the owner of this character, Aurora, to remove her duplicate.

    @Specter , but we have a problem. ID 3968 was on horse and with wagon when she stucked. And she also had in property 6 wagons full of coal and tin (2 with coal, 2 with tin, 2 with iron). May i ask you to restore these wagons (with its previous content - coal, tin, iron) near her house in Trondheim? Because when @Prometheus deleted her duplicate character, these 6 wagons were also removed (which were near her house at that moment). There has to be some reference in the ID of the char which tells that she had these 6 wagons in property.

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