Destroying things

  • Destroying stuff by accident is really painful. I feel you should not be able to demolish anything from the circular menu on any workbench, chest, smeltery, etc. There should be a button demolish which turns the cursor into a demolish hammer then you click with it over the object in question; or do it as written below:

    Destroying items from inventory is also a bit painful, maybe high tier stuff like plate armor, 2h weapons, staves and other things like that should have a confirm time of box in which you have to write Destroy before destroying anything

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    One thing that would be nice is a redesign of the radial menus on the house items.

    Take the smelter for example. It has the most common used option (access the smelter) right next to the its permission settings, while the lower part of the radial menu isn't used.

    This means that many times you click on the settings instead of accessing it.

    Ideally, I would like the most commonly used option to not have other icons near it.

    Same for carts. How many times did you turn your cart instead of opening its inventory?

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