The Beleaguered Fools


    Just me changing my (barely) guilds name again. 😛
    Details in previous posts and the guild profile.
    etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, as Yul Brynner once said.


    Blessed are the timid hearts that evil hate,
    that quail in its shadow, and yet shut the gate;
    that seek no parley, and in guarded room,
    through small and bare, upon a clumsy loom
    weave rissues gilded by the far-off day
    hoped and believed in under Shadow's sway.

    Blessed are the men of Noah's race that build
    their little arks, though frail and poorly filled,
    and steer through winds contrary towards a wraith,
    a rumour of a harbour guessed by faith.

    Blessed are the legend-makers with their rhyme
    of things nor found within record time.
    It is not they that have forgot the Night,
    or bid us flee to organised delight,
    in lotus-isles of economic bliss
    forswearing souls to gain a Circe-kiss
    (and counterfeit at that, machine-produced,
    bogus seduction of the twice-seduced).

    Such isles they saw afar, and ones more fair,
    and those that hear them yet may yet beware.
    They have seen Death and ultimate defeat,
    and yet they would not in despair retreat,
    but oft to victory have turned the lyre
    and kindled hearts with legendary fire,
    illuminating Now and dark Hath-been
    with light of suns as yet by no man seen.

    I would that I might with the minstrels sing
    and stir the unseen with a throbbing string.
    I would be with the mariners of the deep
    that cut their slender planks on mountains steep
    and voyage upon a vague and wandering quest,
    for some have passed beyond the fabled West.
    I would with the beleaguered fools be told,
    that keep an inner fastness where their gold,
    impure and scanty, yet they loyally bring
    to mint in image blurred of distant king,
    or in fantastic banners weave the sheen
    heraldic emblems of a lord unseen.


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