Nokes Folly/ Mythopoeia


    Nokes Folly welcomes all, and members of different focuses, values or style would give it the simple 'Ness' that Real Life often has when people who differ in many ways come together over a certain point.

    That being said, I do have a certain 'Style' of person in mind; those that don't need to be in the best PvP guild, the best PvE guild, the most numerous guild or the wealthiest guild.

    Those that want to do what they want to do the way they want to do it, but want to do it with other people, sometimes, or all the time.

    Those that fight and win and those that suck at combat or just don't want to fight, even if it is just a game, and how many other RPG's actually allow you to do that? (still not easy, but Fractured is pretty close)

    Those that hate to see player killers have free reign, but don't want to do what they do.

    Those who would see an innocent assailed by evil, and cheerfully stick their foot out to trip that evil, and smile as it turns it's attention on them, their own hands empty, no spell on their tongue to defend themselves.

    To this end, Nokes Folly welcomes the fearful, the cowardly, the defenceless.
    The unskilled, the unlucky, the average, the ordinary.
    The Knight, the Wizard, the Hunter

    Those who seek shelter, and those who wish to defend them.


    Blessed are the timid hearts that evil hate,

    that quail in its shadow, and yet shut the gate;

    that seek no parley, and in guarded room,

    through small and bare, upon a clumsy loom

    weave rissues gilded by the far-off day

    hoped and believed in under Shadow's sway.

    Blessed are the men of Noah's race that build

    their little arks, though frail and poorly filled,

    and steer through winds contrary towards a wraith,

    a rumour of a harbour guessed by faith.
    I would with the beleaguered fools be told,

    that keep an inner fastness where their gold,

    impure and scanty, yet they loyally bring

    to mint in image blurred of distant king,

    or in fantastic banners weave the sheen

    heraldic emblems of a lord unseen.

                            Mythopoeia J.R.R.Tolkien

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