Suggestion - Load to/from Stockpile Feature


    One thing that might be nice is an option in a cart while near a stockpile to be able to load or unload everything applicable into or out of the cart from the stockpile. This would make your character proceed to move each block/log/whatever back and forth without needing to click to open the inventory, click to pick it up, and click again to put it back down. It could be interrupted if you wanted to stop partway through the process.

    This would be a huge QoL feature in my opinion, particularly for anyone who has injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Anything that makes it less click intensive is a good thing.


    Thanks @Trug! As Missendei used to say on Game of Thrones, "it is known"

    Hoping this, and the ability to mute/ignore in the global chat, will be among the first of the QoL fixes once the devs can find the time. Probably the two most requested things that can and must actually happen eventually.

    I know, unloading a wagon IS work, and it's meant to be realistic, but the way it's set up now is just silly. @Kralith had a thread about this in the last full-length alpha.


    Yeah, I think there needs to be a good balance between difficulty and tedium. One adds to the game, the other is just irritating. There's no skill needed to move the stuff, it's just a ton of clicking. Absolutely should still take time even if it is automated, the character should still have to go through the animations. But forcing you to click 60x to unload a full cart is just tedious.

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