Select Few....we bag more panties then a clerk at Victoria's Secret

  • Small and experienced group of PvP oriented gamers (really prefer FFA PvP....but whether Human or Demon at release won't be decided until after we've all got a few weeks of ingame time over the next few months) coming from games like Asheron's Call (Darktide server) and ShadowBane.

    We don't exactly openly recruit, but are looking for any fellow AC'ers and SB'ers who are digging Fractured as much as we are to get at us. Also, anyone looking for a group to play this free weekend with are welcome to try with us. As I said, we don't openly recruit but this weekend is a good chance to actually meet anyone interested ingame and get to know each other.

    That's important because we only really have one rule....and that's to be cool. Complicated clan structures and fancy websites don't make a PvP clan viable, being friends and getting along with your fellows does. That one simple thing makes everything else fall into place as it's easy to know our role when your role is being down for the other. It's why our original group has been together since 1998.

    We're not trying to accumulate mass numbers and forum points. We're looking for people to wear our colors and know that first day newbie has as much say as the original founder.

    We're the Few.

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