[Worker Build] For when you need to farm in the wilds and want to carry max load!


    Hi all,

    So I created a build for a Gladiator that can be used (other characters will have less weight) when farming in the wilds for a city upkeep but still want to be able to kill the mobs that might show up in a pretty nice and simple fashion.

    It is based on the fact you are carrying nothing with you but your horse in the inventory, so no weight carried out with you only home again. Granted you will most likely be an easier PvP target but this is not based on that but is actually something for the pure PvE players to be honest.

    So what I did was I focused the talent tree on unarmed combat and some magic to boost some skills needed to kill spiders and the likes. So my talent tree ended up something like this :


    Health, Mana and resistance as the main focus as you can see. This to have you better survive the mob encounters with ease in the wilds. The more hardcore monsters ofcourse will have to be avoided you are in your underwear! But those are not in the fields where you want to gather to get wheat and meet for your city upkeep for example.

    After I build the talent tree I tweeked some abilities to fit this as a gladiator have low INT and therefor less abilities to use. My finalresult ended up with these abilities active :


    Second Wind - To make sure you can up you health if needed fast
    Magic Missile - To make sure you can kill Deer and Stags for meet and also get pretty decent damage
    Shockwave - To stuff mobs and run if needed or just get that extra time without damage when killing
    Relentless Style - To make sure I always do max damage
    Resolve - To get away from stuns and escape if needed
    Bash - To get that extra stun when hitting the mobs

    So to conclude this build I can just say the following, build to bring home max amount of stuff in one travel. When I built and tested this I had limited KP and limited abilities as I actually built this last Alpha to compensate for the higher income for city upkeep that came in the later stage of the alpha when most of the people in my city had stopped playing and testing. But I still wanted to make the city go as high as possible as I wanted to keep our town legacy growing that others helped set when I was out in the world getting 100% mobs and killing legends.

    I am happy to say that build helped save time and get us a top 4 city last test, not that the ranking was the goal but a nice bonus to the work.

    Hope this build can help other farmers out there for future tests when cities are a big thing again and also remember, you cant lose any gear with this build so if you get PvPed. Will be a small comfort atleast for the PvE related players not to have to get new gear all the time 🙂


    This looks great but I think I'd go with the Ice AOE spell instead of the Shockwave. Maybe try both and see which works better, but I love to ice gangs of wolves. They go right down.

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