[Archer] [Assassin] [Mage] High flexibility build


    This build was meant to be as flexible as possible, to allow the player to switch role at his every whim.

    The build starts with really average attributes, and that's the core of it all:


    4 average high scores, and no 6 scores. No perks, no flaws. This build is made to allow an unlimited variety of playstyles.

    The build can branch into many possible directions. The one that I tested the most, was the archer. The talents were done like this:


    A little bit of durability from the strenght tree, a little bit of mana regeneration, as much accuracy as possible and obviously the Inevitable and Titan Fighter talents to maximize the damage.

    With this archer build, you are missing on the high dex and high perception of a full archer, but you have a lot of int, which gives you some neat tricks.

    This is an example of build:


    Acid arrows is a staple with such high INT. Double shoot stacks really well with it too. Then you start stocking on effects that allow you to survive. Your acid arrows are enough to down an opponent, you just need to stay alive long enough. For this, net trap, slow, power word silence and an heal are really good. Resolve will save you from being Power Word Stunned and Ice Spiked or shishkebabbed in some way. Be wary with slow, it hits you too, so you have to aim it really carefully.

    Alternatively, you can get verdant regrowth instead of slow or power word silence. This build allowed me to pvp on equal terms with most of the builds out there. For a build that isn't tied to any specific archetype, that's gold.

    All this assumes a medium armor and a shortbow, but if you fancy going more offensive, then out goes Verdant Regrowth and in comes Mark of Death. Your damage will rise a lot, but you will lack defenses. Good in PvE together with someone else, not so good in PvP.

    This same build though can go the way of the assassin, it has the INT necessary for the high cost of the assassin skills, but still has enough Str, Dex and Per to make full use of that set.

    I'm not going into the details of that build, but take any classic assassin build, and this setup can use it.

    Another build available to this char is the unarmed mage build. You don't have the constituion or Dexterity of the other builds for that? Don't worry, Mark of Death with your level of perception will more than make up for it.

    Want something else? Go full mage! Sure, you will not get to INT 20, but you will have high perception. Take the Inevitable talent and see what an auto crit magic missile with high crit multiplier can do

    All in all, it is a build that will allow you every morning to wake up and decide what you want to play. Completely different playstyles everyday, while keeping a good efficiency at whatever you do. The STR 15 will also allow you to conduct a confortable life with enough carrying capacity for your everyday needs.

    The price of all this freedom? Low constitution. You will still have a good amount of HP from STR 15 and the talents, but you have low fortitude and will need an answer to physical conditions in all your builds (Resolve or Boon of Tenacity). You will never be a tank with this build. Also, power word silence will be bad news.

    Your defenses in general will not be as high as you would like, so making use of your wide array of skills from different classes will be vital to correctly playing this build. It is a build that punishes your mistakes really hard and rewards you with a lot of satisfactions when you can avoid them.

    There is no problem that can't be solved with those base stats. You will see that apart from full tank, you can do everything the other classes can, because you will always have something less than them but also always some kind of lateral advantage over them. If you are not scared of having no builds made for you, and you want to challenge yourself every day with different combinations, then this is the build for you.

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