Mage Build (acid/cc) pvp/pvm

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hi everyone this is my build I was testing at the end of this alpha it has its + and - but most of all its fun and good 1 vs 1 when you encounter reds in the woods. It's not something you can achiev at the very begining cause of the primal fibers that you need at least 36 for crafting whole scholar set but its worth it with good enchants.
    Starting Stats:
    18 str/18 per/ 18 int/ 10 con
    Spell DMG +36% from equipment wich isint showed dont know why ;]

    Spells are mostly unbalanced so theres not much room for running with ice/fire etc cause many good players (I meant archers with high res and willpower to silence and stun) are using archer build that is just using acid arrow and you cant do anything but to avoid them and hit once with your own acid and then heal/runn until he drops to the point of using WoP: Kill


    Also looking at this stats ive realized that talent tree should be giving only 100 poison resistance but actually it gives 1000 cause o immunity to poison status? (maybe its a bug atm)

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