The poison situation


    As many of the players that played during this test had way to notice, currently poison is in a strange place balance wise.

    On one hand, it is extremely powerful. Being hit with poison once can be enough to kill you many times over, especially the higher grades of poison.

    On the other hand, it is kind of an all or nothing skill. You can get immunity to it from a talent, or simply have an herbal remedy on hand, making it all void.

    Since poison tends to be a topic which is dear to many when making a char in an RPG or similar game, I think that it should be given a little more depth.

    In particular, I would propose to reign in a bit of its effects, making it less damaging overall, but at the same time also mitigating the effects of its counters.

    In particular the effect of both the talent and of the remedy should be to lower the grade of the poison, not to remove it outright.

    I think that having a powerful effect with extremely hard counters makes for a binary and uninteresting meta of have/have not.

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