Built house to see what would happen..

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Hey so I built a house right out of the starter town hoping for high traffic and to test house fighting.. Apparently you can be hit by anything ranged, spell or arrow inside house. I put a full fence around the property to test that also.
    Results= They cannot get through fence unless teleport, but they can stand right at the fence and potshot you inside anywhere including your house.
    I had this Archer pull up on me while I was building it and he just stood outside the fence slinging arrows at me as I moved around to try and test angles. We did this for like 15 minutes then I jumped the fence and murdered him because he would not stop pesting me.
    Point is it felt alot like Ultima where house sieges were all to common. Im cool with it because I know that style of gameplay well, but for the not so informed I see alot of griefing coming down.
    Just tossing it out there for bainstorming....
    Having a blast with the pvp though Im like 4-2 in open world conflict. Neckrage and his goon squad did gang up and got me 1 time while i was building 4v1 of course=)
    Thanks guys, Blessings

    p.s Would have been cool to play on a limited map and maybe make us choose faction at character creation in order to force confrontation. idk

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