Will the real Joe Rogan please stand up!


    Hey Hey everyone!

    I want to say thank you to @Prometheus and @Specter for an awesome alpha phase 2 test! I believe all the systems we set out to test are working as intended.

    I also want to say a shout out to all those ultra-cool fellow testers (too many names to drop) who made everyday that much smoother. You're all #1 in my book 🏆

    For this test I took on the essence of one of my favorite comedians, who I first became a fan of during his hosting of Fear Factor. In future tests, I'll use my forum name so you know who's who!

    I'll be in game till the end of the test in a couple weeks (I think). Hope to see you in there!



    How do we know you're not Joe Rogan pretending to be another guy pretending to be Joe Rogan?


    I remember that show.... three people would tell the contestants their stories and then the contestants would have to pick who the real person was.

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