Staff Bolt causing minor bugs to some magic abilities



    If you hold down the right mouse button to call/use the Staff Bolt abilitie and if while doing it you press some other's abilities (like Firebolt, EarthQuake, etc) you will make some of this abilities to stop the action/animation causing some minor bug's.

    1. With Firebolt it causes infinite Firebolt sound
    2. With EarthQuake it makes the draw in ground affect to stay there permanently.

    This are some of the ones I could see it and be sure of it (about being a bug).
    However a common bug is being cause on all of the abilities, once they are triggered (if they are, cause sometimes skill is not triggered, guess it might have something to do with the action being canceled). On all of them the cooldown timer will not show.

    Hope i did explain my self well... Thanks in advance



    Nice catches! 🙂

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