Ability to get ouf of magical debuff effect as well?

  • So far we got "stun break" which is awesome. The Resolve ability removes physical debuff like stun (not sure if dmg from for example Concussive strike is debuff or just damage ....or if DOTs generally are ment as health debuff - bleeds and poisons). Are there planned also Dexterity and Inteligence CC breaks?

    Problem is simple. STR+CON guys depend on high health pools, high mitigation (armour, resists), dedicated tanks on block. INT gusy have active mean of defence - CC and ability to evaporate enemy before they get attacked and surely also absorb shields (tho until now mage vs warrior with stun break and Enrage can only delay his death with teleport and then get two hitted...some kind of ultimate defense comparable to shield block, just INT themed would be great, Id mention Baldurs Gate and ADaD generally, demiliches have monster protections, it would either take cheesy tactics (undead immunity scroll) or whole team to take down).
    Dexterity on the other hand depends on speed and ability to nuke enemy down (and to some extend CC, but from melee range). Evasion gives either full imunity to attack (enemy misses) or you eat whole dmg (enemy hits/crits). Whats more there are Stun effects that aim at Fortify so one moment you have 1000 evasion and evade 75% of attacks, then you get stunned and are just sitting duck. Too bad Dex only gives you move and attack speed...but Frenzy gives you the same while being dependant on CON - attritube that also increases your survivability (massive fortify + shield block + reduced CD on stun break + some resists and health). Con can work without DEX, but DEX without CON (or resolve) will probably suck. Will DEX builds get "block ability" aswell - maybe like dual wield parry or something?
    Agile characters are always unlucky in this manner - In Path of Exile you can pick "dodge 30% of everything" --->but it affexts your block and armour. Same in diablo II and "III" ---> you dont get mitigation like STR and INT heroes, either no dmg at all or all the damage. Couldnt Dexterity also offer same as it does with Fireball - aka lower damage in case of save --> in case of melee, maybe high dex guys could get second chance for lower damage (glancing strike) if they dont evade. Or maybe dex could offer something more ( CD to go with "outspamming the enemy with speed" theme or some kind od passive CC reduction - only rogue archetypes will go DEX, other fighters using heavy armour would have no use for Evasion and there is no synergy between mages and DEX while Constitution and Inteligence are usable for literalyl everyone.

    Also as there is "Stun ability attacking Fortify= no Evasion for moment", will there also be "Fear" ability attacking any other save than Willpower = no Willpower during effect" (or will for example [Paralyze](https://fractured.gamepedia.com/Paralyzing_Touch have no counter except save and then 10s immunity window?) and same for Fortify? From balance point of view it makes sense and as long as there is also "magical debuff effects breaker" everything is balanced imo.

    And sorry for grammar, writing in hurry at work 😄

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