List of bugs.


    Hi, here is a list of bugs I've encountered during my short playthrough:
    1. Rabbits and deer run through walls, so do monsters returning to spawn.
    2. Gathering sometimes cuts progress bar at 1/4.
    3. Getting up on a bridge makes a monster stop before it allowing for a kill without receiving damage.
    4. At -5633W -2338N, mobs get stuck somehow standing idle, but are still killable. (These mobs don't spawn in the vicinity)
    5. Woodworking station sometimes shows quantity of wood in the shed as 0 regardless of the amount in the shed.
    6. Can't interact with containers through transparent walls. (If container is next to a south-west wall in a building it's hard to interact with it)
    7. Clicking to move before current movement finishes, sometimes causes movement cancelation.
    8. One can mount while running, by pressing "A" key while holding mouse button. (Seems to have been fixed)
    9. Sometimes when cutting a tree, a log falls on a stump on an angle preventing it from being picked up.
    10. "Inevitable" talent does not work on Wisps they still Dodge all attacks. (Using Yew Longbow)
    11. "Net Trap"(Light/ Medium Weapon) can be cast with Longbow(Heavy) equipped.
    12. After unequipping my Shortbow to container instead of a backpack, shield activates leaving a bow in character hands, allowing for use of bow(shooting uses arrows, deals dmg) and shield at the same time(Shield Block). Happens with other weapons too.

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