Ridges and the map


    I am new to the game, so the depth of my knowledge isn't exactly great 🙂

    With that said, am I correct in assuming all the ridges are there to shepherd traffic into choke points for the future PvP system? I like the idea in general, but I am also wondering if the SE part of Myr is left as an open space (mostly) on purpose then?

    I guess I am wondering if the map just isn't fully developed yet (alpha 2, I know), or if the wider open spaces, with nothing in particular there, are there on purpose 🙂


    @Nerror My guess is that they are just missing content still, seeing how more combat hotspots with unique creatures were added over the tests to the south of the map. They would want to attract people to every corner of the continent after all! Also, the wisps have an ability you could learn that would help you with those pesky ridges 😉

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