[FRAC-2290] Blademaster and Relentless talents doesnt work on long sword


    Reproduction scenario :

    Memorized a talent preset with blademaster and relentless.

    Equip long sword

    • Check that the combat modifier % does not increase even when it's not 100%.
    • Using Relentless Style ability and hit a monster, damage stays the same and does not increase ( by right it should since monster armor decreases )

    As a control, I also tested it by equipping primimitve handaxe.

    • My combat modifier % increases
    • Using relentless style ability and hitting monster, my damage increases on each hit.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Agreed. Also, the "increased sword and axe damage" talent doesn't work with great swords either. Game needs quite a bit of fixing, so it's a good thing this is still alpha.

    I would love to see an increase in armor reduction per swing as well, as the current (-5 armor per swing) is a lot weak.


    But still here in patch 2.4.1

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