The Northside of the map is not worth living in.


    So this is my first alpha to be playing so I am still learning alot about this game. I follow a guild up to the Northguard Mountains to start our town. We gathered stone for a while and setup all of our town got our copper mines flowing and started exploring looking for trade, only to find out the nearest neighbors all have copper mines. Ok so reading chat and learning about the map I figure out that there is iron mines down south so I figure ok copper up north and iron south means there will be trade between the two. Then I figure out that all around the Vale of Shadows they already have copper, tin, gold, iron, and coal. The only thing I couldn't find was silver. So basically with a decent population and the towns all running then the south can do almost all the trading to themselves and then most of the north and for sure the northguard mountains can not do anything because they are to far for trade. This makes it so that its a waste of time in the current setup to settle in almost anywhere in the north. If I am missing something or if anyone has any comment on how this can be more balanced I would love to hear it.


    @seymonty Once there is more content it likely will be way better balanced. All the unique monsters and combat hotspots are in the Vale and south of it too right now, but there will eventually be stuff to draw us all over!



    Nope. I think you hit it head on. I saw that early on when they put out the nodes on the map which is why we took only southern cities. In fact, with almost every test up to date, it has been better to live mostly in the middle or the south and not the north as all major content (with the exception of the goblin hills) has been in the middle-southern reaches.

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