Blacksmith visual issues and oddities.


    These are mostly minor annoyances with Blacksmith shop.

    Pathing to ore/coal storage: Character will walk through the wall from outside to get items inside. This happens when you click on the storage from a distance back. If you click the ground before the container first then the container he will access properly.

    Cannot open the door when carrying. Probably intended , but I wanted to let you know.

    Smelting bugs and issues. (Already stated in other posts)

    Smelters have smoke coming out even if empty. Minor, but makes it hard to tell quickly which ones are ready to load.

    Sometimes the wooden covers outside will not disappear correctly making it hard to access smelters, etc.

    Again, these are minor, but I wanted to point out.


    @Jimbolini said in Blacksmith visual issues and oddities.:


    Its the minor things that annoy people the most though 🙂

    Also.. I think the door to the blacksmith needs to be moved, as currently with the ore tub behind it.. the door gets opened and closed way too much instead of being able to actually access the ore bin as intended.


    Thoroughly agree with the smoke detail. Probably relatively easy to implement and really adds a lot visually. They always look like they are cooking right now

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