Solo/Small group play


    I know. Another post on solo/duo/small group play (less than 5). Hear me out.

    Will there be a way for players that aren't city oriented to create "mini" crafting stations at personal claims? Like if I can make non-alloy blacksmithing goods at my own home, then trade with cities if/when I am ready to upgrade? And on that note, small garden squares!

    inb4 "takes away from cities and makes them obsolete":
    No it doesn't, because I can't make alloy products so city based players will have access to them first and foremost so they will always have higher tier gear. It creates more trade opportunities for non-city based players, like contracting outside help and makes those contracts more viable and improves their worth.

    So I propose being able to make a small smithy and refinery for personal property use, as well as bring back tanning tubs and fleshing beams. Introduce a downside, to balance the necessity of city trade, and this opens up access to more content to the players not associated directly (citizens) of a city. Currently, the ability of solo players is capped by crafting accessibility too hard. Give solo/duo/small groups a little more access to crafting slightly better gear, and I think it will open up more opportunity for many players that prefer this type of gameplay.

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