Resource Gather / Burn Rate is WAY OFF.

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    Currently burning resources via smelting is incredibly disproportionate to the rate that you obtain them.

    I'm all for slow progression rates but this is gruelingly slow.

    We are sitting in HUNDREDS of iron and have been smelting 24/7 with 3 blacksmiths.

    Having excess is great for trading but lets be real, that's another problem. The Market Place is near useless since everyone is interested in trading resource for resource rather than gold. In addition there is no option to search the map for active buy and sell requests which I believe should be added to the Market.


    i'm partially agree
    Since tradepost must have a global overview to check where to go with cart for trade, i think problem is the money sink, actually the only money sink, if i'm not wrong, it's the daily tax each city have, but its so small that its affordable even by only 1 player (sure it's alpha price will raise, but it's really limitated as it not affect solo players non-citized).
    Yesterday i traded silver for coins (cannot even call it gold, because its a resource lol), but i realized i can do nothing with that...

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