Bloody Pact (B-P) [Demons only] [Blood and terror] [ENG]


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    [If you have blood, we will take it, if you have home, we will destroy it, if you have life, we will broke it, if you resist, we will kill you]

    [Blood for bloody queen]


    1. worldview evil (law,neutral,chaos)
    2. race: demon.
    3. Be bad guy
    4. Respect Bloody queen

    originally, the bloody pact, in ancient times, was a clan of the highest bloody demons, elite mercenaries working for "bloody money", and ruled by this clan, the maiden demon, the Blood Queen, under her rule, blood flowed in streams. many heroes tried to lay siege to their great palace "bloodmoon", most often, they only died a miserable death of a blood slave, but everything changed with the birth of the order of the "death to the bloody monsters", initially they did not pose a threat, but the time for demons, a fleeting entity that began , then it will end, after a year, century, era, it does not matter, so with this order, slowly but surely, they gradually destroyed the ancient guild, one by one, the highest bloody demons perished, and when the crisis of the guild reached its peak, they laid siege to "Bloodmoon", broke through the defenses, and met with the Bloody Queen, this battle lasted 3 days and 3 nights, even they could not destroy the great bloody demon, as she could not absorb their blood, then they decided to seal the demon, and bring down the mansion, burying him under it in the imprisonment of the seal ... and they succeeded, the demon was defeated, and the world could not rest a little ... so they thought, but the seal was not perfect, which is why, over time, it weakened, but along with it the demon weakened, and after hundreds of years, the demon was free, and he thought of only one thing, thirst. first of all, he announced the return of the ancient demon, and the revival of the clan, only this time, it is rather not a clan of noble vampires, but those whom people will fear, wherever they are, a legion, a legion of demons thirsting for blood, destruction, this is how the great clan was reborn.

    P.S. This post just for future lore of guild, if be honest, i dont know, will be i on alpha test, or not, because i cant spend so many (for me) money on game, 20$ yes, 25$ maybe, 45 euro... no. But all this time, i will try building lore of guild on forum, for beta test, or release. So... if you want, you can take place in this guild, comment this post, and say what you think about it. =P


    @ProstoSmile are you asking someone to buy this game for you?


    @TrueCrimsonFTW said in Bloody Pact (P-T) [Demons only] [Terror and fear] [ENG/RUS]:

    @ProstoSmile are you asking someone to buy this game for you?
    no, just want to create a good RP foundation for the future guild, I thought maybe someone might like it.


    Do you have a guild page already in foundation?


    @Scozzi said in Bloody Pact (P-T) [Demons only] [Terror and fear] [ENG/RUS]:

    Do you have a guild page already in foundation?

    Yes, i have been try edit this post, but i will can do it only after 3600 second.

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