City of Teppelin, the Iron Terminus to the Veil of Shadows


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    Hello fellow Adventurers!

    Loktar and I have established the city of Teppelin, located at the northern entrance to the Veil of Shadows. We are a city that focuses on trade and growth as a city. Teppelin is an Anime inspired city loosely based of Gurren Lagann. We're currently accepting ALL applicants as we want as many citizens to join us on this journey together!

    Introduction to Teppelin Lore:

    The iron gates of Teppelin have split open after centuries of guarding the veil of shadows, allowing all manor of beast and demon into the plains of Tartaros. Teppelin was a city once ruled by a single human king, who used his special breed of beastmen to rid the world of the human blight. He has taken on many names, devourer of man, the beastmaster,most importantly the spiral king. His human name, though old and worn has persisted through the ages he was once known as, Lordgenome. He ruled in his iron keep for many years until a lone warrior defeated him in combat in his old and tired age. His keep abandoned and left to fall into the ashes of history however, fate would not let this be so. And so it came that the residing demons who had long been natives of the veil of shadows crept from their dark, harsh world and seized the opportunity the abandoned fort provided. Now their most worthy of their clan could truly build a capital worth the praise of Tartaros, none would stand in their way and his name the city would flourish into an empire. Tartaros would look upon Teppelin as a safe haven for his beloved demons who have been enslaved and hunted for so long. Teppelin has grown into a safe haven for outcast and downtrodden spurring a diverse market of goods found only from the merchants who reside here. Whether it be by his hatred of humankind, or the power of his spirit, the iron pulled from the mines of teppelin are of a different composition than that found in the surrounding area. This iron is the main trade commodity and has pulled Teppelin from its obscure isolation. The city also contains a rare cult of assassins still dedicated to the eradication of humans and to release the veils secrets onto the plains of Tartoros.

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    Please understand many things are still in the works such as a Guild, Vice-Govenors, and a Discord Channel to make communication a bit easier.


    A discord channel has now been created and organized for better communication among the citizens of Teppelin.

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