Veteran MMO Player (EverQuest 1999-2017, WoW, DAoC): Crafter, diplomat, PvE-centric

  • Greetings,

    Squeaky here. Adept crafter in the MMO world(s).
    I'm not averse to mixing it up in the field PvE but I am most comfortable as an asset to a guild as a skilled crafter, diplomat and officer. I play afternoons and evening EST is the United States, speak English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Please let me hear about your guild if you think that I am a possible fir for when Fractured goes live.
    Many thanks,
    Squeaky Toy



    Ahh, the Title sounds a lot like me, only I started with UO Beta. I did take about a 7 year vacation from online games. Just recently getting back into them. Burnout. I've beta test just about every MMORPG from UO, onward. It ended with WoW beta being the last game I beta tested and played until about 2013. I enjoy crafting and having a home. No one has made anything like UO, in that aspect, yet in my opinion. No, I didn't care for Legends of Aria, which has a main developer from UO on it's team, or leading it.

    At the moment, I'm playing Neverwinter (I love their guild setup) and AdventureQuest 3D (just something I can play casually on the phone also, in off times when I'm not near a PC)

    I started doing Dungeons & Dragons with like minded people, in the military on the weekends. Yes, the tabletop version 🙂 Yes, I'm old lol


    @Squeaky Wow! Three languages! I could not get past French 3 in high school. Only languages I could learn are some programing languages. Wish I stuck with French.

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