A Compilation of Bugs and Advised Improvements


    • Hit-boxes should be made larger for creatures so you can actually attack them instead of clicking the ground visible from the gap between their arms and run towards them.
    • The world map should reflect an accurate depiction of paths and cliffs. I have run into several cliffs that have paths through them that are not reflected on the world map and vice-versa.
    • There should be an option to delete plots of land in your town if you place them by mistake.
    • Plots should be able to be rotated every direction, not just two.
    • Plots should be able to de-spawn resource spawns if you want it placed in a specific location. (It's not like we can't dig up tree roots in real life) Plot placement is bugged. It is not consistent so I do not know exactly what is causing it. My best guess is that it is an elevation problem.
    • If carts are placed too close to a plot, they get stuck inside because the plot zone overlaps them. They should be layered above plots so we can at least move them if need be.
    • Chests can only be made from one side instead of any side.
    • With the huge resource dependency towns have, their should probably be more stone located near those nodes. We had to travel Vast distances to expedite the building of the town. On launch, this issue is going to be even more noticeable as everyone tries to collect material for their own houses.
    • When you place the plots, they don't always register so you have to do it 5 or more times before it finally registers.


    Edited bug notes

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