I am looking for good Let's Play of the Alpha


    Hey guys, I am looking for good and recent Let's Play of this Alpha, I only seem to be able to find some of the last one.

    Anyone got good youtubers they know that played it?

  • @Chep alpha test 3 is gonna start this Wednesday- there might be some good gameplay and mechanics featuring to come.


    There are youtube videos out there I believe, they are good and informative, and I'd say they are good youtubers in that sense of the word 😄 but I think you mean "good youtubers" in the sense that they have like 100k+ subs, or they have like a gameplay series showing off the game, in which case I believe the answer is no... but it's early days yet and I'm sure those types of videos will come with time.

    Also, welcome to the community 😄

  • Oxfurd is pretty much the community's journalist. He's doing QA sessions with the devs and live streaming

    Nekrage has a bunch of gameplay videos where you can see pretty much everything that was implemented the last test.

    These two channels should cover everything you need. If you play Albion, Robinhoodrs also streams Fractured content when the tests are up, but he's much less involved than the above.

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