Ty for the good times this weekend.....

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Thanks for the super fun weekend team. I had a blast & got pretty deep into it . Explored a lot & got the crafting side of it down. ...
    All good things.....except for Specter stealing my chars name and using it as his guild tag right in front of me in town. I saw it go poof above his head I chuckled. All good... Until I see a post of he lost a footrace to another player ingame and the player called him by his guild tag , which was my chars name "GOD" then the kid posted videos, wrote forum posts. Saying how he beat God... Which was really Specter{GOD} lmfao... So something to harass my man about in the office... He gotta step his pve up boys before he takes on a name that size @@
    Anyways good times looking forward to the next go around .. Blessings

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