• make terrain scale able. I can’t stand the fact that you’re on rails with invisible barriers. I should be able to climb over or slide down a hill.

    • mob diversity and the need for more areas of end game enemies is huge to PvE players. If you build your house in the wrong spot, you’re way the heck out there and end game becomes poo-sandwich.

    • Add a warning that land claims are account-wide!!!

    • for lord’s sake add a hearthstone, recall, home-teleport. Whatever you want to call it. Throw a 4 hour Cool-down, whatever! Just need something.

    • add an ability to ‘store’ housing items you’ve made so you can more easily redesign the housing plot. Right now it’s a circus

    • add naming restrictions so players can’t be name “SirButtSmeller” or “New Character” in game. It is the dumbest crud and just ruins the game.

    • I’d like to be able to ‘Alt’ text vegetation and trees to know what I’m looking at before it’s farmed.

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