Died and the option to go home was not active

  • Hello there. I died already several times and the death does not seem to be working as expected for all players. I started the game in the city in the south. The first time I died I asked to go to the last city and I went to the north one. I had never been there before my death. I made all the way to the south and after joining a guild I got co-owner with my friends in a house that we built. The next time I died I was expecting to be possible to chose the house option as I co-own a house, but the option was not active and although I passed and slept in the south city again before getting the house it still took me again to the north city. I made my way again to the south but the third time I died I respawn again in the north city. I will go again to the south because I am very stubborn but this is quite frustrating as it takes so long and I feel like wasting lots of time. The bug I want to report is clearly the last city is not the one we are waking up after death and I have the question if co-owners cannot wake up at their house, if it only works for owners.

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