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    I just wanted to post this in a bug section now as well as I feel like this has become an issue big enough to post it here. It's partially also described in these reports:

    Report #1
    Report #2

    and I posted this before in the discussion subforum.

    The general problem is that the left mouse button currently does:

    • movement
    • object interaction (corpses, materials, plants, etc.)
    • attacks
    • ability/skill targeting


    Left-clicking to move will ultimately end up in accidentally targeting a plant, picking it up instead of moving the character to the selected spot. Using a pressed left-mouse button and moving the cursor will lower this risk but not fully eliminate.
    Some areas cannot be targeted because they are blocked by an object (trees cause this the most). A click on the area will just cause a tree menu to pop up instead of moving a character to it.

    in combat
    This becomes more aggrevated when in combat. Since the left-mouse button is also used to attack and you therefore need to release it from previous movement, then hover over the enemy, perform an attack and resume moving with another click. This is probably not as bad for melee characters, but worse for mages or archers who rely on keeping distance to enemies and requiring special positioning.
    The chance of clicking another enemy, tree, or other object, is rather large. This has become more pronounced since monster density has increased in recent updates (looking mainly at Whispering woods with zombies, skeletons, etc.) and subsequent corpse amount. So I end up looting corpses when trying to move or attack.

    Additionally, targeting certain enemies underneath trees is also impossible, because the tree menu blocks any selection.

    I'm sure you have a fix for this already in mind, just like adding extra buttons to left-click to change functionality (shift +left-click for pickups or so).


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