My Charactor Has Fully Reset!


    I created a 2nd character, to try the melee out, i got my toon to the pve suggestion part of the tutorial plus a bit extra as i grinded on some fauna for additional skills. I probably logged off around 2pm GMT (uk) and i have just logged in to find my character has reset completely, she's back to start. Book of knowledge, EMPTY! *tear

    My caster toon is fine, exactly as i left him.

    The problematic toon is "Sartoria" ID4838.

    Everything is awesome, but i think i've seen enough for this round, well done everyone and if this does look like a bug and not something that occurred server wide, i'm happy to provide further details.


    @ghostygu There was a problem with the server a while ago and it led to a rollback. Maybe that's why your character got reset.


    @Specter Ahhh! Thank-you so much, mystery solved! 😄

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