Magic Armor tooltip and effect mismatch?

  • TF#5 - LEGATE


    Magic Armor states Magic Resistance +5%+INT%. It seems to impact actually all resistances under the "Magic Resistances" category, not just the actual magic resistance. I guess the problem ends up being that there is a category "Magic Resistances" as well as a single Magic Resistance.

    Clearly a minor thing in case the skill works as intended.

    edit: It also seems that the skill does ignore the worn armor (as in its description) but only if the armor is less than what the magic armor buff gives. So if you have 50 base defense, 14 int, that would be 240 slash armor through magic armor. When wearing all hide armor, you can get to 304(?) slash armor. When activating magic armor, it does count the higher value of 304 instead of reducing to 240. Tooltip isn't 100% clear if this is intended.


  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Edited original with further bug info.

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