Hello all!

  • I just found out about the game and been watching/reading everything I can about it. Looks very interesting and I'm "hopeful", which I guess is the gamers motto now days.

    I'm ooooolllldd school gamer, been using my name (and it's form of caps in spelling) since 1986 in The Bards Tale. Yikes!! Huge Ultima Online fan, it's my second all time favorite game. Played on Great Lakes shard. Star Wars Galaxies, my all time favorite, at least before the evil empire also known as the NGE. Played on Corbantis server there. Played lots of WoW (Illidan-Horde), Darkfall Online and have tried a great many others without finding anything great. Play a lot of Diablo 3, tried PoE for a while but just not a fan. Currently playing Lost Oasis but looking for a new MMO.....as usual. Hope this game bucks the trend and hope is not all lost. Looking forward to seeing you all in game!


    Hello FeLoNiouS!


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